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2 in 1 Mesh Cleaner Brush can serve as a window scraper. Make cleaning windows easy and fast.



Double-sided cleaning brush, one side has a fine flannel hook hair brush head, used to clean dusty or fluffy window screens, and the other side is a soft scraper of TPR, which can be used to scrape off excess water and foam after cleaning.



The extended handle can be detached freely, which is convenient for wiping dust everywhere. It is easy to clean and can be cleaned with water without using a vacuum cleaner.



With a hanging hole, can be hung and stored. Easy and convenient for pick and place. Lightweight design, ultra-lightweight, that ensures your hand won’t get tired from supporting it.



Dry brush as the clothes lint brush, clothes and remove dust and plush sofa, wet brush cleaning window glass tile and screens. It can easily clean window materials such as mesh and glass.



It can be washed by water without using a vacuum cleaner. Suitable for brushing blankets, sofas, rugs, etc.



  • Material/s: Polypropylene & Flannel 
  • Weight: 80g
  • Size: 6.3*2.2*18in
  • Colors Available: white-black, yellow-black
  • Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc/2 pc/4pc:2 in 1 Mesh Cleaner Brush



20 Reviews

Estelle Sawyer
Verified Buyer
When it comes to house cleaning I’m always looking for a way to get through it quicker and more efficiently. I saw the cleaning lady next door using this brush on window screens and thought ‘if a pro uses it, it must be advantageous’. When my Life Unit Mesh Screen Cleaner arrived, without hesitation I opened it and gave it a try on my one of my dirtiest screen doors and it was awesome. So simple and fast in pulling off the dust and dirt lodged in the screen. Although I thought a longer handle would be better, I can see how the shorter handle gives the brush more stability. Once the brush is full of grime I give it a quick wash it by hand with warm soapy water and go back for more rounds until the cleaning is done. Water doesn’t affect how well it cleans. In the past I’ve used stiff paint brushes, vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning brushes, hose and water, etc for cleaning the screens. Never again. I’ve used this product several times and have been very pleased.

Beyonce Hoffman
Verified Buyer
Works great if you have dust build up on your screens.w. I strongly recommend trying out this product, especially if you have double pane windows.

Lee Walters
Verified Buyer
This brush is awesome! I could actually see the clouds of dirt come off as I swiped the brush across the screen. Because I did not get to my windows last year they were really in need of a good cleaning. I removed the screens and took the them outside. After hosing them off, I added a little dish detergent to the wet brush and ran it across the screen a few times before rinsing. Wow what a difference! Now that the screens have been thoroughly cleaned, next year I will be able to just use a damped brush to clean them from inside. One person found this helpful

Markus O'Connor
Verified Buyer
I love this screen cleaner! You can use it wet or dry, although wet seems to work best on cages and lanai screens. My lanai screens hadn't been cleaned in 15 years and were very dirty. I swished the brush in warm water with a little all-purpose cleaner in it. I ran the brush horizontally, then vertically and years of dust and dirt came off! About the's super easy to insert if you follow the instructions on the side of the box! Grasp the square end and insert the end you hold into the slot IN THE DIRECTION OF THE ARROW! Pull until the handle is firmly seated in the brush.

Emmie Copeland
Verified Buyer
All the screens at my house are on the inside of the house and I can't remove them. The crank for the window and the brackets for the mini blinds prevent me from taking the screens out and hosing them down. I decided to give this little tool a whirl and WHAT a difference it makes! Wow! A bucket of soapy water, a couple of clean microfibers, and I am done in no time!

Krisha Hubbard
Verified Buyer
I’ve only used it once and it worked very well. You might want to wear a mask because it does raise dust.

Kaylum Akhtar
Verified Buyer
This is very easy to use, and it really does clean the screens well. It works on window screens, as well as ceiling vent screens in the Motorhome.

Habib Hunt
Verified Buyer
Miraculous in Cleaning the Windows!!! So Thankful For This Item!! 😁👍

Alexandros Mora
Verified Buyer
works very nicely on screens, easy to use.

Gracey Obrien
Verified Buyer
Cleaned my fireplace screens really well

Millie-Mae Gardiner
Verified Buyer
What a great tool, easy to use and really works well.

Jeanne Howells
Verified Buyer
Arrived safe and sound, didn't test it yet, looks like in the ad.

Pawel Hall
Verified Buyer
It works very well. Arrived soon.

Macauley Gilmour
Verified Buyer
Great product!!!

Humairaa Hutchinson
Verified Buyer
Very good, recommend!!

Tiarna Hood
Verified Buyer
The order is received in good condition. thank you.

Maariyah Mckay
Verified Buyer
The order is received in good condition. thank you.

Aria Daugherty
Verified Buyer
It does the job

Madina Cunningham
Verified Buyer
Quality is good. The handle is comfortable, lengthened with a removable handle.

Jaimee Bull
Verified Buyer
It's very fast. Thank you seller Dear!

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