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This marble wallpaper provides a remarkable waterproof , oil and heat resistant, anti-scratching. Matt surface looks more realistic than the glossy one. Easily clean oil and other substances , keep your place tidy and dazzling.



Just peel and stick. Easy to cut and self-adhesive, no need for glue. 



Removable without sticky residue. 



Thickness is higher than that of common products in the market. Toughness is good, not easy to tear. Non-toxic, eco-friendly products. Safe for children and your family.



Can be used for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Desk, Desktop, Furniture, etc.



Name: Marble/Solid Color/Wood Grain/Metal Brushed Wallpaper
Material: PVC Vinyl
Feature: Self Adhesive, Waterproof, Removable.
Use for: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Table, Desktop, Furniture, etc.
Attention: Please buy enough at a time to make sure they come from the same batch to avoid the color difference.



20 Reviews

Sidney Whyte
Verified Buyer
Easy to decorate any project or give a chair a new look. This was an old white cracked paint child's chair, sturdy enough to hold an adult. Adds character to the room. White is a bit see through so make sure your not covering a dark surface it will show through. order extra if you're not perfect with measurements. Apply small areas at a time for flawless finish. If allowing kids to use the contact paper please supervise them and or cut the contract paper your self. Also did my bathroom cleans up easy. My manager loves it!!

Rogan Edge
Verified Buyer
Purchased these for my wife’s vanity desk, and it worked perfect. Feel is a little more matte than I expected, but the end results look great, and the adhesion was pretty easy. Unlike a lot of “pvc vinyl” I didn’t have to worry about fighting with it or being overly cautious.

Wilfred Hills
Verified Buyer
I am so happy at gave this a try! I bought the grey marble, it looks amazing and real! In the pictures I’ve included the lighting has a yellowish glow but I promise it is a true white and grey in real life. It’s a good thickness that doesn’t make me worry about it being too fragile and don’t have to worry about cleaning it or getting it wet. I bought one 200”x24” for my bathroom countertop and have plenty left over. It was easy to reposition and will be easy to remove but I don’t ever want to remove it. Family and friends were shocked at how amazing it looks!

Rae Grainger
Verified Buyer
I bought this contact paper to bring life into my manicure table! it was easy to use & the adhesion is good. It makes the table look more expensive than it actually is & makes my nail photos look so pretty. it is definitely waterproof! I LOVE THIS PAPER!

Hafsa Bowen
Verified Buyer
Love love love this purchase! I've been feeling recently that my dark mahogany colored coffee table wasn't really going with my ivory couch and the carpet. The table also had some scratches because of daily use. I came across a Tiktok where a couple remodeled their coffee table with a marble contact paper. So, rather than chucking off my coffee table, I too covered it with this marble contact paper. I am loving it! It looks like I bought a brand new coffee table. It is very easy to cut (there are gridlines for guidance), peel and stick. The adhesive is strong and hence you need to figure out a good way to put it on without any air bubbles (There are many videos on YouTube about how to do it using a blade/knife and a credit card). I developed my own technique using my forearm as a guide. It was a pretty fair and quick installation. I basically covered every table I own in the house with this contact paper and they look like brand new purchases. The surface is glossy and feels like vinyl, so you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. I even bought a sheet for my MIL and she loves it!

Joseph Christensen
Verified Buyer
We moved into a rental home a couple months ago and the counters were stained and just really sad looking. I ordered about 5 rolls of this contact paper to try and spruce it up a bit. I have never used contact paper before so I was worried it would be difficult and not look good, but I was wrong. This contact paper was so easy to apply and has held up so well! It looks a million times better than it did and I’m so glad I decided to order this. I will absolutely be using it again if I ever need a quick fix for ugly counters or if these end up needing to be repaired. Absolutely love it!

Ryley Ward
Verified Buyer
Honestly couldn't believe how easy it was to install and how nice it looked when I was done! I wasn't using it as a countertop, but was doing a project to refinish/cover an ugly side of an old dresser. Part of the siding of the dresser had worn off so I was worried the adhesion for the contact paper wouldn't be very good, but it worked like a charm! So impressed. It looks so sharp. Definitely recommend!

Yasin Mellor
Verified Buyer
This was extremely easy to use, goes on smooth and sticks very well and maintains its stickiness even after adjustments were made. I highly recommend this product!

Makayla Mcdaniel
Verified Buyer
Worked perfectly for what I wanted to do with it. Took a white Ikea desk top and made it more Elegant

Ronaldo Chen
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love this product!! I’ve used many different contact papers for various projects so I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve never used this brand!!! I am so pleased with the look and results! If you are new to using contact paper and are trying to cover a large surface you may need a second pair of hands to help. I used the glass cleaner and scraper method and only peeled a little of the backing at a time because it is sticky. I also replaced my faucets so it made it easier to get a more flush look and less cuts were needed! Overall it was very easy to use and install!

Connie Farrington
Verified Buyer
I use it to upgrade my son’s kitchen toy and I wish I could buy more to upgrade MY real kitchen!! It is so easy to install and everybody keep asking me if I put real marble on the kitchen toy!! I finish is with a glossy coat and looks amazing! Tip: use your hair dryer to blend the corners and glue it under the counter or the surface you use it!

Eoghan Barlow
Verified Buyer
Bought this to redo my desk at my office to make it look nicer and it did not disappoint would recommend doing measurements and spraying windex to service helps application a lot also needed my assistant to help but it’s amazing and pretty sturdy

Pippa Magana
Verified Buyer
Love this, very easy to install and holds up well.

Ptolemy Pham
Verified Buyer
I love this contact paper a lot. It really gives that extra adult vibe boost to your room or even your apartment. I used it on my room drawers, kitchen freezer, and bathroom sink. It doesn’t stick to painted wood so I wouldn’t recommend it for that and it also is really sticky so you need to have patience while using this paper !! I had to re stick it a couple of times to get the right angle. Other than that everything about this is great. Water gets on it and comes right off !

Alfred Beech
Verified Buyer
I bought this to cover cake boards for decorated cakes for an easy marble look. Easy to use and looks very pretty. And looks fairly genuine too. I’ve used it for other projects since that time as well, and it is very good to work with and looks really nice.

Tia Hamer
Verified Buyer
Was a lot harder to actually install than I thought. We ended up taking the sink out instead of going around it. But now that it’s done, I would do it again!!!!

Alanah Knight
Verified Buyer
It perfect isn’t have the money to replace the countertop tho was perfect

Lilianna Fry
Verified Buyer
The contact paper was easy to put on the flat wall surface and blended great with the office room decor.

Aliyah Sharma
Verified Buyer
Turned out beautiful. Gives the nice appearance of a marble table. Helps to have two people. My son helped, we had to smooth out a few bubbles but overall nice and easy to apply.

Charlize Garrison
Verified Buyer
Amazing product! I bought it for my bathroom countertop. It's been 3 months and it's still holds up great! It's taking into account that I painted my bathroom countertop first and covered it with polyurethane.

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