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With these Silicone Hair Curlers, you can DIY curling hairstyles at home. And this will not hurt your beautiful hair.



All hair types wet or dry can be nice curly, loose and body wave hair without any electric hair and perm plaster damage-drop hair damage degree to 0%. Save your big money and time to the salon.



Soft Sleep Hair Rollers–made in high elastic safety silicone-super light and soft special for having rest for sleep. Most of the person like using both of them at the same time. When waking up your curly hair wave will be done. You can use this product for thousand times and this will save you money.



Easily create a variety of hairstyles with the right tightness => Voluminous curls, beachy waves, defined waves, textured & spiraled, tight & springy, wavy & curly, etc.



Heatless Silicone Hair Curlers Curler is super simple & easy to use. Just wrap them around your hair, wait for a few minutes and then voila! In just a few simple steps you will be able to see great results without having to use heat curlers that can damage your hair! Works for all hair types and length, long, medium and short hair.



 Material: Ultra Soft Silicone

 Small Curlers for Tight curls

  • Size: outside 3.9cm/1.54in, inside 1.5cm/0.59in

  Large Curlers for Loose curls

  • Size: 5.0cm/1.97in outside, inside  2.0cm/0.79in 



She demonstrated wrapping curling irons on her hair and then getting a new look with curls and gentle beach waves. If curlers are applied to freshly washed hair that is “just” dry, or slightly moist, and stay in the hair overnight, then the curls will be tight and can usually last more than one day.


19 Reviews

Nancie Sweeney
Verified Buyer
Practice makes perfect with these, but they work! I have medium thick wavy hair, about shoulder length. Took about 20 minutes to clumsily put them in the first time, the second time was faster (about 10 min). Slept in them overnight (with provided net) and woke up with curls. Curls were a little tight, but I brushed them out for a more relaxed and vintage-y look

Keziah Guest
Verified Buyer
I was very happy with these. My only issue is that I have very thick hair and therefore I have to use a lot of curlers and so of my hair is too wet, when I take them out, it is still damp and the curls fall easily. I would recommend that you use them on damp hair and definitely order the cap, to help keep them in overnight. Other than that, I loved them and even recommended them to my daughter, who ordered a set as well.

Alexandria Cummings
Verified Buyer
Loving it! They give a nice loose curl on my straightened hair and my blown out hair. I only use with setting moose. Never wet hair and they come out beautiful!

Terry Fernandez
Verified Buyer
These are great! I have very very natural straight hair. These provide a great overnight curl. I prefer this curl over sock, sponge, and other overnight curlers. They aren’t awful to sleep in either.

Jessica Bowman
Verified Buyer
Best decision to get those. LOVE the beautiful curls, no more burning my hair!

Amalie Rooney
Verified Buyer
Love this product, easy to use, u can wear to sleep 😴

Una Whittaker
Verified Buyer
They work really well. Just need to perfect the technique but very pleased with the first use.

Tess Hibbert
Verified Buyer
These are great. The curl look amazing and they are comfortable. They don't leave my head hurting like traditional curl rollers. Easy to use also. Can be used on wet or dry hair. The curls are smooth not frizzy....really pretty.

Malaika Hayden
Verified Buyer
It’s tedious, but the only way these will make a cute style is if you use super small sections

Connie Shaffer
Verified Buyer
So night before damp hair add them and dry slightly before going to bed. Next day after a few hours I took them out. You can rearrange the curls with your fingers but this worked wonders for tight or loose curls and my hair is mid length normally. Photo is a 50s style.

Brittany Ross
Verified Buyer
Love love love these rollers. Easy to use, comfortable to sleep in if needed, really lightweight and durable.2 sets are enough for quite thick, long hair and curls lasted around 2 days using minimal hair care products.

Jo Robins
Verified Buyer
It came quickly, everything, as in the description, has not yet been used

Madison Hooper
Verified Buyer
It came quickly. Silicone is bright pink and pale blue, but the quality is not affected. Keeps it great. Its functions are performed. Thank you

Ayesha Davenport
Verified Buyer
Arrived in a week time. I really like them, comfortable to sleep with.

Allison Bray
Verified Buyer
These are great…easy to use and really curls your hair !! Love them!!!

Helena Esquivel
Verified Buyer
I truly love them, they leave my hair with soo much body and curls.. I got 2 sets..

Elyse Emery
Verified Buyer
Surprisingly quickly delivered to Belarus. Silicone is soft and pleasant. There is no smell at all.

Tierney Lester
Verified Buyer
They work really well. Just need to perfect the technique but very pleased with the first use.

Jemima Calvert
Verified Buyer
Fast delivery, nice curls the first try

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