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It can be used to bind the branches of various horticultural plants, also can be used to bind wires, mobile phone charging cables, etc.

Enough length can be arbitrarily cut, it is a good companion for your home life or gardening.


Made of Galvanized iron wire + outsourcing PVC, strong and durable. The soft surface will not scratch or injure the plant while ensuring that flowers and plants tie securely together.



The garden ties are supplied in a continuous easy to unwind spool which features a convenient built-in cutting tool that allows you to cut the ties to the exact size you need. No more looking for scissors when working on your plants!


These twist ties are flexible, bendable, wear resistant and feature a strong iron wire core with a durable and soft PVC coating which allows the ties to hold their shape. They will hold your plants steadily in place!


Our plant twist ties are reusable, practical and ideal for supporting, stacking and bundling flowers, plants, vines and shrubs as they keep a secure hold without causing any damage.



These twist ties can also be used for organizing and tying electronic cables, USB cables, computer cords, cell phone and headphone cables as well as for general household organization.


Material: Galvanized iron wire + outsourcing PVC

Color: Green

Length: 30m / 11.81in

Diameter: 2mm / 0.08in

Product Weight: About 75g

Package Included: 1 x Easily Cut Garden Twist Ties Wire.


23 Reviews

Joyce Andersen
Verified Buyer
I inherited a roll of this twine from my dad. Love it and had to replace it when I ran out. This stuff is just perfect to hang in the garage. It's so useful for wrapping cords, plants,...whatever. Cutter works fine, so you can cut to whatever length you want. One thing I like is that it doesn't spring around on you when you try to wrap something up. Guess that's because there's wire in the center. I've heard the all-plastic ones slip. I'm very happy with this. It'll last me a long time.

Shana Britton
Verified Buyer
I used it to make garden metal cages to prevent deer or other animals eating my newly planted roses. It is convenient to cut to different length. I will buy again after running out. I wish it is longer. But I cant know it is really that long as described. Overall, it is a good buy.

Zaki Gentry
Verified Buyer
Okay, I originally ordered this to use for sewing face masks, not even thinking about using them in the garden. But, since it is spring, and all of my tall irises and peonies are getting ready to bloom, these came at the right time to keep my little babies’ faces from languishing in the dirt. I initially couldn’t figure out the little cutting mechanism that’s included, but I watched the video on the item’s pictures. Super smart!!!

Tayah Blackmore
Verified Buyer
I bought this some time ago to use on large trash bags, cutting to length is handy. I am now using it for a new purpose, making bendable nose wires for cloth face masks. Doubled and twisted together is just right.

Viaan Solomon
Verified Buyer
This is fix-all do-all kind of product. Duct tape is another. Cable tie up, gardening tie up, picture tie up, tie up anything! This roll is 100' long! When tape is too sticky this is the stuff. Reusable. Fits in places tape won't. Like in and out the holes of peg board. Tie up those speaker cables. Tape may lose it stickiness and droop, but this plastic coated wire stays put.

Chaim Curry
Verified Buyer
I purchased this mostly to use for nose areas in Olson masks I am making but it is a bit too thin for that. However, that does not take away from the product itself. It is great for tying or twisting garden items as described. I highly recommend it for uses such as that, just not for face masks.

Lola-Mae Cruz
Verified Buyer
Amazingly handy! You get a LONG spool of plastic-coated wire twist-tie stuff, with a handy included cutter. No searching around for the right sized piece, cut to order as long or short as you like. Super handy for the holidays, handing ornaments securely (we have cats) , and outdoors with the lights. Inexpensive, nifty and handy.

Korey Jacobs
Verified Buyer
This product worked great for what I needed it. I bought it to use as a nose wire for the cloth face masks I had to make and it worked like a charm!

Evelina Beattie
Verified Buyer
These are the best-sturdy, easy to use, and the best part is the TEAR OFF(cutter) feature~no scissors needed. I've used them on perennials, vines, and vegetables, and they work well. Highly recommend them!

Rafi Parry
Verified Buyer
I use these for the nose bridge in making face masks. I cut 15” and bend in thirds so I have a 5” piece I wrap with thread to make a stick. It’s flexible yet sturdy enough to mold to your face.

Lisa-Marie Barr
Verified Buyer
I'm not a gardener at all. I'm a computer hobbyist and musician and I have all kinds of miscellaneous cords laying around that I use this to tie them up with to keep them from getting tangled.

Darsh Mays
Verified Buyer
Not much to say besides great. I use these to hold my plants up gently on stakes but you could use them to keep wires untangled too. Also has a nice cutter placed on the reel one click and it cuts the ribbon.

Braxton Sweet
Verified Buyer
These are your standard green coated twisty tie roll. It comes as a long roll that you cut to size as you use it. I like to keep rolls of this around because you always need twisty ties. The metal is steel with the usual fine gauge you would expect with these products.

Jodi Seymour
Verified Buyer
We've tried to grow tomatoes before but never with using twists to manage the vines and it is surprising how many more viable little tomatoes we got this year. I like that you can make it any size too. These also helped when I was trying to get my jasmine vine cutting going.

Zachariah Mosley
Verified Buyer
More than I bargained for and plenty left over from my tomato plants that always want to venture out where they shouldn't.

Danyal Huff
Verified Buyer
I bought this to use in homemade face masks. Good quality. But if you purchase for same use I would hot glue the ends so the wire doesn’t poke through and poke your face

Zoey Nash
Verified Buyer
These ties work great for holding dahlia variety labels to growing stakes through the summer. They are twist ties that cater to your dimensional needs.

Bobbi Greene
Verified Buyer
Very easy to cut and tie.

Mai Barry
Verified Buyer
Very convenient, very inexpensive and allows you to just cut off only the amount you need without any waste.

Fred Mcgill
Verified Buyer
Perfect when I needed to string Christmas lights on garland for above the fire place. Easy to use.

Salman Allison
Verified Buyer
I do love these twist ties I use them for my garbage and I use them for my electrical wires that I need to twist together and keep in one place

Manha Dorsey
Verified Buyer
Needed to tie off a few things and this worked great.

Enya Mullins
Verified Buyer
Very pleased and happy with the product and the price

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