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Suitable for measuring body part such as arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips, and more measures up to 60 in length.



Made of plastic, quality material, and well printed, the soft tape measure is flexible and portable, light to use. Mini size, store them in your purse or pocket for quick and easy measurements anywhere. 



Press the small dots in the middle to automatically remove the tape. It is soft and flexible, will not stretch or deform, avoiding injury or cuts.



 This waist measure tape has large, clear markings on both inches and cm on both sides.



 For body measurements, tailoring, sewing, crafts, also to measure body size when you lose weight.



Material: ABS

Color: Black/White

Product Weight: 50 g

Length Of Tape Measure: 150 cm/60 inch

Package Contents: Automatic Retractable Portable Tape Measure x 1


23 Reviews

Aayan Garner
Verified Buyer
Very simple design and really easy to use. It really beats trying to use a conventional tape measure because it basically allows you to take your measurements one-handed. That allows you to use your other hand, if needed, to keep it level for those more curvy areas.

Arissa Drummond
Verified Buyer
New year. New goals. Improving my health is always at the top of my list. The scale does not always reflect my efforts. Trying to get my own measurements, can be a bit cumbersome, especially one of my bicep. This gadget made it very easy. I think my overall measurements will be more consistent as well. It retracts to the same level of tension. You could pull in the tape tighter if you wanted to, for a snugger measurement.

Ace Begum
Verified Buyer
I purchased this body tape measure to help out when I take weekly body photos and measurements. I want to truly see exactly how my body used to look and size up compared to how much better I look and measure up after working out and getting in better shape. This Perfect Body Tape Measure - 60" is exactly what every person needs. It is so simple to use while being very easy to understand. I am very glad to have made this purchase.

Samir Redman
Verified Buyer
Easiest tape measure I've used by far when it comes to trying to measure myself. It's always a headache to try to take your own measurements because it's nearly impossible to get an accurate reading with a traditional tape measure. You have to have another person hold it and take it for you. With this little gadget, pull the tape as far as you like, then snap the end into the handle and press the button to tighten the tape. Viola! Perfect measurements every time. I love it!

Israr Sims
Verified Buyer
Like it very much, will order another one for daughter when I get a chance. Very easy to use, much better than the old-fashioned roll of body measurement tape. No need to manually roll back the tape after the use, just push a button to automatically retract the tape.

Rumaysa Wheatley
Verified Buyer
There are a lot of versions of this measuring tool - but this is the only one I've seen that goes beyond 60-inches! Easy to use and great way to get accurate measurements when you don't have anyone to help!

Bryn Osborn
Verified Buyer
This measuring tape seems to work well. It is nice to be able to tighten the tape with the press of a button. It seems accurate as well

Bill Diaz
Verified Buyer
Although with any regular cloth measuring tape you can measure your stomach, arms, etc for weight loss or weight training, this inexpensive item is great to use for this purpose. The construction appears to be high quality and with the tape hooking and retracting button features you get a clean measurement with ease.

Sianna Norman
Verified Buyer
It has always been hard to measure certain things like yourself for one! Those days are gone now that this is on the market! Somebody thought of a way around that… Brilliant!

Lester Corrigan
Verified Buyer
This tape is so easy to use! Exactly what I needed to make me measure! Otherwise I put it off and just don’t do it! Thanks for this tool!

Miller Fowler
Verified Buyer
This is fantastic for measuring. I have limited use of my left arm and this makes it so easy for me to take my measurements. Fantastic invention!!

Mohammed Clemons
Verified Buyer
This tape measure is the best for measuring around arms, legs, waist, or measuring around anything.

Darrell Cousins
Verified Buyer
Love the wrap around feature! Easy to use, not sure it will last a long time so be gentle with it. Seems accurate too.

Sila May
Verified Buyer
I am trying to lose some weight and bought this item to track my progress. It works and is easy to use.

Albert Montoya
Verified Buyer
It’s difficult to hold a wiggly 4 lb chihuahua to measure for winter coats. This device helps make the job easier.

Ethel Vang
Verified Buyer
I'm really glad I decided to try it. It does the most accurate circumference available for home use. Easy to use. Very interesting.

Nate Flowers
Verified Buyer
Works perfect Great for measuring for hats and pants and neck size for shirts

Amarah Cooke
Verified Buyer
This measuring tape is quite different from any that I used in the past. But, I like it. When you reach the point where measure, it licks and there is no need to try to keep your finger at that point. It locks, you get the accurate measure, then you push the button and it rewinds itself. I would recommend this item.

Lynden Guevara
Verified Buyer
Fantastic item, arrived 1 day after ordering and is exactly what I needed. Very easy and convenient to use and was one of the only tape measures I could find that was longer than 60". One side of the tape works with the green part to retract and measure easily, the numbers start a 3" to count the 2" on the green part. The other part starts at 1" so you can still use it like a regular tape measure for whatever.

Amy-Leigh Harwood
Verified Buyer
Works great! Pleased with this purchase.

Taine Berger
Verified Buyer
Very easy to use. Much better than using an old school measuring tape. Great product!

Kira Thorpe
Verified Buyer
Just got it so dont know durability. Simple and can measure yourself without a second person.

Zakir Olsen
Verified Buyer
It works well when you need to measure waist, chest, length of pants

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