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We are rolling out this magic Window Screen Repair Kit to solve your problems instantly. High & Low temperature resistance / High quality fiberglass / No hazardous substance to you and your family. This Window Screen Repair Kit Tape is easy to repair any screen whether it’s a door or window.



Our Window Screen Repair Kit  is easy of application and quick repair; No tool needed! Just cut and place whatever the size you want to repair the tears and holes in your screen.



Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Ideal for covering up holes and tears of window and door screen instantly; And our Window Screen Repair Kit also suitable for high humidity use environment; Fix holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more.



Our Window Screen Repair Kit for window screen is very Strong self-adhesive, water-resistance and good bonding ability; Added strength and crack resistance, and this window screen repair kit will stay on the surface of your screen door or screen window for long time.

Fix holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh and so on for any sudden emergencies when out on the road or in the wild



This Window Screen Repair Kit is made of high quality fiberglass and mesh design clear up bubbles and blisters, Heavy fiberglass yarn increases joint strength and structural integrity, Multi-directional design is 60% stronger than standard mesh tape.



Material: High-quality fiberglass and mesh

Color: Black/ White/ Grey



18 Reviews

Bowen Tyler
Verified Buyer
The product itself works as advertised. You shouldn't expect this to look seamless on your screen, but it looks way better than using duct tape or any other product to cover tears.

Taylor Ross
Verified Buyer
Even though they are not invisible on my screen, they nicely repaired several little holes from my cat's claws. So easy to put on will keep little flies out. I also used some to cover a sprinkler type drain pipe in my backyard, which had been covered with a net like material that finally tore off.

Derek Webster
Verified Buyer
I put this tape on in the summer over a VERY sizable tear in my screen where it connects to the door. I want to say like a 3 foot tear.This tape has held up through rain, wind, snow storms, wind storms, kids opening and closing the door, pets coming in and out.I highly highly recommend it if you are considering a new screen door. Try this instead.

Lauren Tyler
Verified Buyer
I am amazed and I love this tape!!! I dont know the first thing about taking a screen out to replace it. I bought this and it sticks wonderfully to the screen. It patches it up perfectly! Now I can enjoy the sunshine and breeze without bugs coming in! Thank you for this amazing screen repair!!!

Valentina Mckinney
Verified Buyer
Very good durable screen tape. Really look forward to using on smaller tears. I had intended it for an area that turned out too large to fix with this tape. Would need to replace that complete screen. This is good for small holes. With little kids, this will be a blessing to have in my tool closet , in any case.

Steven Larson
Verified Buyer
I bought to repair a small tear in rv screen. All the product I have purchased from this company have been good. The screen tape has not been used yet but will be once the RV screens are cleaned

Melissa Peterson
Verified Buyer
It's not pretty but it definitely sealed the rips in our screen that my dog's claws had put there.

Kira Reed
Verified Buyer
The tape idea is SO much better than the square patches available in the past.We used a strip on both sides of the screen but not necessary.

Levi Ortiz
Verified Buyer
This tape saved us from having to replace the entire screen door. Highly recommend!

Nicholas Woods
Verified Buyer
One of my dogs decided to try and get a lizard on my pool screen so sense I had just rescreened a few months ago, thought I would try this product to keep from tearing more.. Very happy with it. I put it on both sides just to be safer.

Landon Richardson
Verified Buyer
We’ve had a couple of small holes in the lanai screen for a while and finally repaired them with this. It doesn’t blend in but when the holes are in inconspicuous places and small, this was a great fix!

Juliette Waters
Verified Buyer
Sticks and cats haven't pulled it off

John Collins
Verified Buyer
Just measure, cut, and press. Works as advertised.

Carson Adams
Verified Buyer
My backyard sliding door has a hole around the pulling handle due to years of use. I didn't want to go through the trouble to replace the whole screen so I decide to give this screen mesh repair tape a try. Turn out it's pretty good. Very simple to use and stick well. I'm happy with the product.

Mario Watkins
Verified Buyer
Not the most attractive solution in the world but the easiest and most effective without having to replace the entire screen. My cats are unhappy that their damage has been taped over.

Richard Ortiz
Verified Buyer
My cat had poked a hole in the screen. Used this screen tape to repair it. It’s very sturdy and solved the issue.

Nora Peterson
Verified Buyer
Worked like a charm

Zion Tyler
Verified Buyer
easy to use to cover hole in screen.

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